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What a difference a week makes

Last week I blogged about the 2009 MTV Movie Awards that took place last Monday, and wittered on about the whole Bruno/Eminem/bum-on-face occurance. In actual fact, I didn’t want to write about that at all, nor even feature a YouTube video of it. (The video’s been taken down for copyright reasons, anyway.)

What I did want to write about and have a video of was the short music video in the awards, “Cool Guys Don’t Look At Explosions” featuring Andy Samberg, Will Ferrell and JJ Abrams. It wasn’t on YouTube last week, but is now. That’s a true story.


I heart you, The Lonely Island! They could make a video of baby rabbits being mauled by A Flock Of Seagulls (the band), and I’d find it funny.

Literal Videos

I’m a bit slow on this one – Dlisted.com posted a link to the literal video of Bonnie Tyler’s Total Eclipse of the Heart earlier today. Heck, even The Metro newspaper was going on about it this morning. And The Metro is usually at least four days late with any kind of news.

So, I won’t display that literal video, as funny as it is. No, why go for Bonnie Tyler when you can go for…



P.S. In fairness to me, I do remember kind of watching the version of a-ha’s Take On Me. So it’s not all bad.

This is the second best thing I’ve ever seen…

On account of YouTube taking down music videos and account of me being particularly lazy, I haven’t been doing the “It’s Monday! Video Time!” segment of this blog much…*coughs*…at all in recent months. But you can stop crying now! Because, as a way of saying “I’m sorrrrrreeeee”, here’s one of the greatest things I’ve witnessed in the last 21.5 hours:


Watch it a few times. Then you can start crying again if you want.