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The Tiger, John and Jesse gang

In my monthly crap-it’s-the-end-of-the-month-and-I-haven’t-written-anything-this-month-better-write-something-quick post, I wonder – why is the current male celebrity trend for multiple mistresses? And by multiple, I don’t mean two, three or four – if your name’s Tiger, anything short of a dozen is just lazy. (I guess the number 16 – the last count of his mistresses – can now be known as a ‘Tiger’.) If you are lazy – and your name’s John and you play for Chelsea – getting together with your former team-mate and (now former) friend’s former girlfriend who also happened to be the (now former) friend of your wife pretty much makes up for any shortage in numbers. That’s a lot of formers.

And now Jesse James, husband of 2010 Best Actress Oscar winner Sandra Bullock is involved in his own cheating scandal, though at (currently) only four women on the side, he appears a bit of a lightweight. So by picking the ugliest women known to man and then mixing in some kind of appreciation to Hitler (Adolf, obviously, rather than Bob or Julian Hitler), he tries to redeem himself. And fails spectacularly.

Note to Tiger – start mentioning in all you interviews, “At least I’m not Jesse James!” Or not even in interviews…maybe just start shouting it on the green…on private planes…in Gillette ads…

None of these guys are worthy of a picture. So here’s something completely different: