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Charlie’s Angels – when 3 become 4

Funnily enough, “3 Become 4” was actually going to be an updated version of the Spice Girls classic “2 Become 1” for the 2000s, what with them all having sprogs, and in particular prompted by single-mum Mel B having Eddie Murphy’s baby, and then getting married, thus turning her 3-person family in a 4-person one. Posh vetoed it, what with her and Becks plus three kids making 5 people, as she said she’d feel funny singing it, which is ironic seeing as she doesn’t sing. True story.

Ahem. Back to the title of this post. The Charlie’s Angels movies are apparently set to have a third film of the series made, according to Drew Barrymore. Or what she actually said was:

I’m so into it—Charlie’s Angels III!

Which actually just sounds like the random kind of comment I would make. “I’m definitely going to dress up as Cher for a whole week!” or “Cats! I need to get more cats in this room! Right now!!” or “When this baby hits 88 miles per hour, you’re going to see some serious shit!”. It doesn’t mean I’m actually going to do any of those things, like, ever.

In fairness to Drew, she is star and producer of the Charlie’s Angels movies. I guess her quote might actually lead to another movie.

Back off, bitch
Back off, bitch

The third Charlie’s Angel movie might also feature the introduction of a fourth Angel! How exciting…

Wait a sec…ooh, ooooh! Fourth Angel? Pick me! Pick me!! Okay, wait, this I am definitely going to do…

Okay, who over-ordered on the Estelle CDs?!

Estelle – she of American Boy fame with Le Kanye – has had her album taken off U.S. iTunes, thereby causing it and the hit single to plummet down the American charts. American Boy was at number 11 on the Billboard chart, but has now fallen to number 37. Her album has base-jumped down to number 159. (Although its high was only a “distinctly average” – as Simon Cowell would say – 38.)

It’s all down to her album company, Warner. They want people to buy the whole album, rather than individual songs. iTunes is pretty nifty in the way that you can buy individual songs – even individual album tracks – without having to fork out for the whole thing. Except it doesn’t quite work as well if no one buys the album anymore.

My theory is that someone accidentally got too many Estelle CDs producing by typing in a couple more zeros than necessary on the order. Oops. Now they’re desperately trying to shift them. Expect Ebay to be flooded with them soon.

If you’re in America and can no longer buy the song in iTunes: why not just sit in front of your computer all day and watch it on YouTube? It’s free! Fantastic! Screw you, Warner!


Pointless Programming

I don’t watch much Channel Five. (Or simply, “Five”, as it now wants to be known – I suppose it’s a bit like P Diddy becoming just “Diddy”.) I think there’s a reason behind that. But yesterday I succumbed in order to watch 30 Rock, and subsequently saw an advert for a programme next week called The Spice Girls on Trial. Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight.

This documentary will apparently analyse the Spice Girls’…

 “contribution to popular culture, combining interviews with key witnesses like former manager Chris Herbert with contributions from a range of diverse commentators, including Germaine Greer and Peaches Geldof”

Oh my God!! What does uber-style icon Peaches Geldof think of the Spice Girls??? I finally get the chance to find out!! My life is saved! *cries tears of joy*

Furthermore, the programme will analyse whether…

“the tabloids’ constant reporting of the Spice Girls’ lives [can] be seen as the starting point of today’s celebrity-crazed culture”

Errr, this sounds a bit like a school project. Maybe it is someone’s school project? Like some Chief Programmer at Five has just stolen his daughter’s Media Studies coursework?

Best of all, ladies and gentlemen…wait for it…there’ll be a live viewer’s vote so we can give our own opinions! Hurrah!

Really? Are You Sure?

Spice Girls 

Tickets for the Spice Girls concert in London, on 15th December, have sold out in 38 seconds this morning. Apparently, over 1 million people pre-registered for the tickets and new London dates have already been added to the bill. I simply don’t understand! Who are all these fans?!

In other Spice news (in case there are actually some fans out there), rock-god Bono is set to write a track for the girls, which will appear on their greatest hits album, due to be released before their tour commences.

Becks is back, alright!

David Beckham 

[The title of this post should be sung to the tune of Backstreet’s Back by The Backstreet Boys, incidentally. Heh. That’ll be in your head all day now.]

So this is Beckham’s first test for his long-haul commute from his new day-job in America back to his home country. After playing in against the New York Red Bulls at the Giants Stadium in New Jersey on Saturday evening, Beckham jetted off back to England to practise with the national team ahead of tonight’s friendly against Germany at the new Wembley Stadium. He’ll then jet back to Los Angeles to play against Chivas USA in a game on Thursday night.

Hey, it’s not so bad. I’m sure he’s flying all over the place in plush, first-class seats. My only worry is jet-lag – how’s he going to cope with that?! Sit him on the bench for the England, and he’ll probably dose off. And then he’ll be wide awake at 1am. Poor lad.