Russell Crowe’s views on Robin Hoods, past and present

Blah blah Russell Crowe has a new movie coming out blah blah blah he plays Robin Hood blah blah blah he’s promoting it at the moment *yawn* asked his thoughts on previous film versions of Robin Hood etc etc etc

So far so whatever. But when asked about the Kevin Costner version, things got interesting. Of the 1991 movie, Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, Russell said:

“It looks like a Jon Bon Jovi video.”

Now, let me tell you, I seen a lot of Bon Jovi videos. Really, I have. But I’ve never come across a Bon Jovi video that featured a middle-aged man in tight clothing, galloping around the English countryside in medieval times with all of his friends. Admittedly, I did stop my Bon Jovi obsession in mid-1994, so for all I know perhaps all their videos since then are exactly like that.

Oh yeah, actually, this one – for It’s My Life – is pretty much is exactly like the Kevin Costner movie:

I can’t help but think that what Russell should have said is “It’s like a Bryan Adams video!”. Because I literally just came across a song of his called Everything I Do which practically retells the 1991 movie! It’s even got a Kevin Costner lookalike in it!

Russell’s words on all other Robin Hood’s can be found at this People article. Judging the the picture they have of him in character, I’m guessing his version of Robin Hood will tell of the story of this great folklore hero eating a lot of pies.

Oh, and he mentions the Mel Brooks parody Robin Hood: Men in Tights as well, which I went to see that when it came out. Well, when I say “see”…having only recently acquired them back then, I forgot to take my glasses with me and was basically unable to make out anything that was happening up on the screen.

That’s not a good story.

But it is true.

2 thoughts on “Russell Crowe’s views on Robin Hoods, past and present

  1. jon bon has a perfect set of dentures in that vid, so much so it was a bit distracting.

    should have been called: it’s my teeth. 🙂

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