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He shoots, he scores, he’s blantantly not going back to LA

Why David Beckham ever decided to go an play for LA Galaxy whilst he still reasonably young, I’ve no idea. I mean, sure, go over to American and play “soccer” when you’re 39 and clearly over the hill and never going to be called up for the national team again. But not when you’re 33, eh? Although it probably wasn’t his idea. VICTORIA, STOP TRYING TO RUIN YOUR HUSBAND’S CAREER!

Anyways, David Beckham scored his first goal for his new club, AC Milan – where he’s “only on loan for three months” – yesterday. And a pretty nice goal, too. Well done, Derek.


The Spice Girls back where they belong!

Spice Girls concert, Vancouver

 Where’s that, you ask? Why, on stage, silly!

15,000 fans – and David Beckham – saw them perform the first concert of their comeback tour at the GM Place in Vancouver, Canada. They apparently wow-ed the crowd with 22 songs, costume changes (including outfits harking back to their 90s personas), impressive backing dancers and several solo stints. Hmm, all you need for a great concert, eh? I guess the point is that their concerts will provide great entertainment, but you may not necessarily enjoy them if you’re expecting highly technical singing and mind-blowing dancing. (And why oh why would you expect that with the Spice Girls?)

So, no doubt, their comeback tour will be a huge success. I’m not entirely sure about some of the costumes, designed by Robert Cavalli. (see above) Posh looks a bit like she’s dressed in a futuristic outfit, as imagined in a 1960s space drama. And poor Sporty! Did Roberto Cavalli refuse to design for her? She looks like she’s got her gear from New Look!

Becks is back, alright!

David Beckham 

[The title of this post should be sung to the tune of Backstreet’s Back by The Backstreet Boys, incidentally. Heh. That’ll be in your head all day now.]

So this is Beckham’s first test for his long-haul commute from his new day-job in America back to his home country. After playing in against the New York Red Bulls at the Giants Stadium in New Jersey on Saturday evening, Beckham jetted off back to England to practise with the national team ahead of tonight’s friendly against Germany at the new Wembley Stadium. He’ll then jet back to Los Angeles to play against Chivas USA in a game on Thursday night.

Hey, it’s not so bad. I’m sure he’s flying all over the place in plush, first-class seats. My only worry is jet-lag – how’s he going to cope with that?! Sit him on the bench for the England, and he’ll probably dose off. And then he’ll be wide awake at 1am. Poor lad.

He shoots, he scores!


David Beckham last week finally scored his first goal for his new team LA Galaxy from a wonderful free kick. More impressive was that it was his first start for the club. Galaxy went on to win the game 2-0, win the MLS league by 37 points, win the FA Cup, and win the US Presidential Election 2008.

Okay, so not really. (Ha! Had you fooled for a second there, didn’t I?!) But they may as well have down, what will all the hoo-hah. Still, congrats to Becks for his first goal. Take a look at the video above because of 1) said beautiful free-kick 2) the Galaxy fans practically slaughtering themselves over the excitement that they’ve got a free kick which their new god will take, and then going mental when it’s gone in 3) Posh’s completely over-the-top celebration – seriously, woman, calm yourself and 4) the commentators speculating that he probably did this sort of thing way back when for Preston North End. Yeah, right!

Beckham makes his debut, Galaxy possibly doing badly

David Beckham finally made his league debut last Thursday for his new team LA Galaxy. “League” of course being the MLS or Major League Soccer, which I always think is an odd name for a sports league, as it sounds like the words are in the wrong order.

Coming on for only the last 20 minutes of the game, Becks couldn’t help Galaxy and they went down to a 0-1 defeat against D.C. United. Last night they suffered another 0-1 loss, to New England Revolution. (Why are they undergoing a revolution??)

These two results don’t leave LA Galaxy in very good standing. At least, I don’t think so. I’ve tried looking up the league table, but all I can see is that they’re second from bottom in the Western Division according to the MLS Standings. There’s two separate tables! What’s that all about? Better yet, there’s a team called Real Salt Lake. Hmmm, gotta love those real ones. (Or perhaps it’s “re-yal” Salt Like, like Real Madrid. Classy.)