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What I learnt today…

You know the old saying – you learn something new everyday. And you really do – I literally learn a new thing every day. But I figure that I shouldn’t keep all this wisdom to myself – oh no. I should probably let everyone know about what I’ve taken on board, so that they too can benefit from such useful knowledge.

So here, readers, is a new regular feature (regular in the sense that only as regular as I can be bothered to update it, knowing full well I’ll probably get bored in three months’ time) on this blog.

And today’s thing that I learnt that I want to share with everyone?

Jude Law’s real name is Dave.

Resolving the 80s

You know the 80s, right? It was basically one big mess of a decade. So much so that now – nearly two decades after the 1980s finished – we’re having to resolve everything that the crazy people in the 80s got up to.

Like this. Aussie pop giants (I…hope…they…are?) Men At Work are being sued for plagirism over their 1981 hit, Down Under. A music publisher says that the flute part of the ditty is taken directly from a Girl Guides song, which it owns the copyright of. Though it only bought the copyright in 1990. And though Men At Work dispute this. Hmmm. And the music publishing company only started proceedings after similarities between the two songs were pointed out on a TV music quiz. I’m guessing some kind of Never Mind The Buzzcocks shenanigans.

What do you think? I’m not too sure myself, I personally find it hard to say. See below:

Which got me thinking…which other great 80s hits might have been lifted from other songs back in the day? Duran Duran’s Rio? Adam & The Ants’s Prince Charming? Sonia’s You’ll Never Stop Me From Loving You? Oh please God no, don’t say it’s the last one!