Monthly Archives: April 2009

Is there nothing straight about this movie?!

Top Gun “star” Kelly McGillis has announced to the world that’s going to be hanging out with a lot more women in the future, as she outed herself as a lesbian in a recent online interview. In a strikingly vague declaration, McGillis announced that she her next partner would “definitely be a woman” and that she was “done with the man thing. I did that, I need to move on in life”. Hmmm, dunno guys – it sounds like there’s a possibility that you could tempt her back.

The Daily Mail apparently seem to think that this is Hollywood’s worst kept secret. Well, excuuuse me! I never knew. But maybe that’s because I don’t live in Hollywood. Or maybe they mean Hollywood from the 1986 Andrew McCarthy/Kim Cattrall vehicle, Mannequin. Yeah, it’s the kind of secret he’d probably know AND struggle to keep quiet about.

So Top Gun, when it doesn’t have oiled, topless men diving around, playing volleyball; innuendo-filled dialogue (“You can be my wingman anytime” … “You can be mine!”); or the least connvincing love scenes ever now finds itself with a lesbian actress playing the main flight instructor. Why was a woman teaching all this “macho” men how to be fighter pilots anyway? I can’t remember. The last two times I’ve watched Top Gun has been with the sound on mute so I could play my iPod instead. Seriously.

Oh, in answer to the question in the title – of course there’s something straight about the movie! Raging hetero Tom Cruise, of course!

And, as an aside: the soundtrack’s darn good.