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Shipwrecked 2007 Penultimate Episode

So, two of last year’s contestants did indeed arrive on the islands…John, one of the original Sharks, and Charlie Freeman, one of the original Tigers. And is it just me, but has John seemingly dyed his hair (and underarm hair, oo er!) black? Having said that, he did spend 5 months on a island in the Pacific Ocean so perhaps his hair was lightened. Hmmm yes, possibly…

Blah blah blah John and Charlie spent time on both islands, hung out with this year’s contestants, John tried to wear as few clothes as possible again (proof: he turns up on the islands wearing just a Speedo. NIIICE!!), Charlie sort of comments occasionally. Turns out Shark John prefers this year’s Tigers, Tiger Charlie prefers the Sharks. Not that suprising, I don’t think…Anyone that was a fan of last year’s Sharks was bound to prefer the Tigers this year, they’re pretty similar. (And vice versa.)

 And so, the winner will be announced this Sunday! Sure, it’s probably online somewhere, but I want to know as if it were live. (Despite it being filmed five months ago…)

Shipwrecked 2007…very surprising telly, not

Without doubt, this year’s version of Shipwrecked is not as good as last year’s. I think a lot of the contestants are not as entertaining – there are few genuine characters – and not many of them seem to be loyal to their “original” island! However, what annoys me most is the blatant way the show is made to ensure it’s exciting and tries to draw in the viewers. Take yesterday’s episode. The two new arrivals, Jamie and Lucy, were shipwrecked onto a third, secret island. Two contestants from each of the teams would then spend 24 hours on that island on consecutive days, trying to win over the new arrivals. Jamie and Lucy seemed quite taken by the Shark team of Will and Naomi and their (or rather, Will’s) impressive camp building skills…and Will’s skills certainly were rather impressive. (Note to self…if I ever get shipwrecked, make sure I do it with Will.) They seemed to get on relatively well with the Tigers – Louis and Jane – but were rather reserved in the comments they made about the pair on camera.

So it had to be a sure-fire win for the Sharks, surely? But which team did they decide to join? The Tigers! Which evens up the numbers considerably – 14 to the Sharks, 13 to the Tigers! What an exciting, not-in-any-fixed finale!! Jamie and Lucy’s reasoning for joining the Tigers was that they’d promised a blast of a final week, and the new pair wanted that full Shipwrecked experience. Shame the Tigers weren’t shown on camera promising this!

Next week’s episode looks very interesting – a couple of last year’s contestants join! One of whom is John, yay!

The Spice Girls hang out lots

Stand by! The Spice Girls seem to be taking steps to reuniting – gulp – by repeatedly being seen out in public holding hands, looking merry, wearing interesting outfits… The first mini-reunion happened at the christening of Geri Halliwell’s baby Bluebell a few weeks back, where they were all there sans Mel B. This week, all except Sporty Spice Mel C attended David Beckham’s birthday dinner.

Erm…by some ear muffs?

Partying Spice girls become new best friends… again

Goat no more

A sad day indeed. The Sudanese goat – forced to get married to a man after he got, ahem, slightly frisky with her (or should that be the other way round?) – has apparently died. The poor animal, named Rose, apparently choked to death on pieces of a plastic bag. Could happen to any loved one really. Saddest of all, she leaves behind a son who will hopefully be cared for by Rose’s human husband.

Sudan’s famous goat ‘wife’ dies

The Apprentice Episode 6

Sir Alan showing off again this week, that little rascal. This week’s task – given to the teams via video as he “couldn’t be there in person” was preceded by his boast that he has sold in every country in the world. Really? Don’t remember any Amstrad goods in Croatia… Anyways, the task was to sell typically English produce to French, in a small market town. Each team was given a list of suppliers of traditional English food, and given a day to buy all their stock and get over to France for selling the next day.

One team decided on marmalade & jams, tea and smoked fish. The other chose sausages, cheese and chutney. Oh yeah, and that’s cheese from Makro the famous producer of English products, otherwise known as a cash-and-carry. Needless to say, these giant slabs of English cheese didn’t go down well…especially not a country so famous for its cheese as France! And also needless to say, they lost. That’s Army Paul, Posh Katie, Schoolboy Adam, Gobby Kristina and Quiet Ghazal getting a bollocking from Alan Sugar. Team leader Paul chose Adam and Kristina to go back in the boardroom with him. There was no way Kristina could have been fired at this stage, as she was infinitely better on the task than either Paul or Adam. Adam seems to be doing his hardest to do as little as possible in each task, so goodness knows how he’s survived this long. But Paul, alas, got fired because he just made too many bad decisions. No doubt he won’t be hurrying back to a Makro any time soon.

Adam went back to the house after to be greeted in stone cold silence as none of the other housemates expected – or wanted – him back. I think he might – might – now realise what the others think of him. Katie – rumoured to have had a relationship with Paul – was surely the least impressed!