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Lily Allen Magazine Covers: Photoshop Error

Someone, somewhere in magazine publishing world is holding their head in their hands. For last week’s editions of More and Look magazines (think gossip/fashion/women’s stuff) had remarkably similar covers:

Lily Allen More   Lily Allen Look

Sure, okay, perhaps Lily Allen managed to wear her hair exactly the same with exactly the same wispy bit behind her left ear and pose with exactly the same expression including the exact same wry smile on two separate occasions. Of course, of course, entirely possible.

Until you discover proper pictures of Lily Allen wearing the gold dress (as shown on the Look cover) from the Vanity Fair party in Cannes, where she has completely different hair:

In fact, Look magazine…looks to have used the top image from the above link – you can see she’s holding the arm in the same pose.

Trust me, when you see these two magazine covers side by side on the magazine stand…you can’t help but laugh.