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The Mystery of Kate Moss’s “Party”

It was Kate Moss’s birthday last week. She turned 51. Happy Birthday Kate!

Birthday Girl Kate
Birthday Girl Kate

Kate Moss, as well all know, is one of the very few people in the world to have a birthday. Of those, she’s the only one that celebrates with something called a “party”. I’m not entirely sure what this “party” is, but according to what I’ve seen in the press it seems to involve people that she knows and is related to, as well as the obligatory ugly boyfriend, gathering together. These people dress up in nice clothes, and make merry throughout the evening. They listen to music. They drink booze. They do, er, other stuff. Wow, this “party” thing sounds like fun!

Suspiciously, though – this big bash took place at Kate’s house over the weekend. We had plenty of photos last week of drink and decorations and a dead pig (seriously; for a hog roast) being taken into her house, pre-party. But not one photo or article has appeared in the papers yesterday or today, showing us or telling us what went on. Most years there has been plenty of post-party pics – including ones of drunk female guests (hello, Sadie Frost!) flashing their boobs (accidentally…probably).

But nada this year. What happened?! Are the guests alive?

Weird, huh?

Brits excitement soars

Brits 2008 

Well sort of.

News is filtering through about all the exciting possibilites for collaborations, performances and appearances at the Brits, held this Wednesday 20th February. Hosted by Sharon & Ozzy Osbourne (interesting choice – hope it works) there’s plenty of rumours flying around about who’s going to turn up, who’ll be on stage and who’ll be there with whom blah blah blah.

The Klaxons are apparently going to be the backing band fo Rihanna as she performs Umbrella (I hope they do a nice Golden Skans/Umbrella remix of “ooooooooh…ELLA”) whilst Amy Winehouse will perform her version of Valerie with Mark Ronson, as well as singing one of her own hits. Sir Paul McCartney will also be honoured with the Outstanding Contribution Award.

But forget all this, clearly the most exciting news is that Cheryl Cole is set to make her “big public comeback” at the Brits! My goodness! What will she wear? Who’ll she be with? Will she be wearing her wedding ring?? What’ll be…zzzz….

Anyways, all the above is irrelevant! All the viewing public want is a fight/water poured above an MP/Jarvis Cocker fake-mooning again! So if Cheryl Cole could get herself involved in something like that, she’d be onto a winner there.

And if you want to take part in all this excitement, you can! That’s right! I’ve giving away exclusive tickets to the event! Err, scratch that, I’m giving away an exclusive link to obtain tickets to the event! Oh, sod it, I’m just giving the Ticketmaster website.

X Factor Party – Rhydian No Show

X Factor Final 

The X Factor wrap party took place in London last night, with runner-up Rhydian Roberts not in attendance! The Daily Mail reports that Rhydian, favourite to win the show, deliberately snubbed the party in fury after learning that thousands of his fans apparently couldn’t get through to vote for him on Saturday night.

Whatever happened to losing gracefully?! Honestly, this whole show gets ever more farcical. If he’d attended, the majority of people at the party would have congratulated him and proclaimed him to be who they would have wanted to see win. And if Ofcom investigate the phone voting, he might even become the winner one day. By not attending, he just looks like a sore loser!

Oh, having said that, judges Simon Cowell, Sharon Osbourne and Dannii Minogue were also not in attendance. Hmmm, they’ve no doubt picked up their fat paycheques so screw the rest! God forbid that they should have to do anything as demeaning as liasing with the contestants!


The Spice Girls hang out lots

Stand by! The Spice Girls seem to be taking steps to reuniting – gulp – by repeatedly being seen out in public holding hands, looking merry, wearing interesting outfits… The first mini-reunion happened at the christening of Geri Halliwell’s baby Bluebell a few weeks back, where they were all there sans Mel B. This week, all except Sporty Spice Mel C attended David Beckham’s birthday dinner.

Erm…by some ear muffs?

Partying Spice girls become new best friends… again

Coleen’s 21st Birthday – Wayne Hires Lookalikes of Him & Her

The ultimate gift for your loved one’s 21st birthday? Why not hire lookalikes of her and yourself, as Wayne Rooney did for Coleen’s big bash on Saturday night.

No, only joking! Amongst the “celebrity” guests (i.e. Wayne’s team-mates, plus a few WAGs and their partners) were Coleen’s cousin Carly and Wayne’s younger brother Graham. The pair have been dating for a year.

And don’t they look startlingly like their more famous relations? If you squint your eyes a bit…

This Is London: Anything Roo Can Do…

Elizabeth Hurley weds in front of every celebrity except Hugh Grant

The most eagerly anticipated wedding of, er, every other wedding that took place on 3rd March went ahead without a hitch – Elizabeth Hurley finally married Indian businessman Arun Nayer after about 50 years of dating. Hugh Grant not in attendence, but Elton John did turn up in a purple helicopter so I’m sure that more than made up for things.

Apparently the wedding party has now moved on to India for the second leg of festivities.

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