X Factor Party – Rhydian No Show

X Factor Final 

The X Factor wrap party took place in London last night, with runner-up Rhydian Roberts not in attendance! The Daily Mail reports that Rhydian, favourite to win the show, deliberately snubbed the party in fury after learning that thousands of his fans apparently couldn’t get through to vote for him on Saturday night.

Whatever happened to losing gracefully?! Honestly, this whole show gets ever more farcical. If he’d attended, the majority of people at the party would have congratulated him and proclaimed him to be who they would have wanted to see win. And if Ofcom investigate the phone voting, he might even become the winner one day. By not attending, he just looks like a sore loser!

Oh, having said that, judges Simon Cowell, Sharon Osbourne and Dannii Minogue were also not in attendance. Hmmm, they’ve no doubt picked up their fat paycheques so screw the rest! God forbid that they should have to do anything as demeaning as liasing with the contestants!


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