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Kate Moss – where would famous people be without her?

Lily Allen swapped her normally-dark do for blonde recently, at the advice of Kate Moss. Here’s the result:

Lily Allen

Kate Moss is indeed a good friend to have, and clearly gives great advice. For apparently, Lily was unsure of what to do with her hair:

“Lily was asking Kate what colour she should dye her hair and they came up with blonde”.  

Amazing! No doubt, Kelly Osbourne will next ask Kate what to wear for an upcoming awards do, and Kate will suggest “clothes”; Amy Winehouse will ask Kate what to eat so she puts on a bit of weight, to which the answer will be “food”; and Sadie Frost will ask what her next career step should be, to which Kate will reply “bag yourself a toyboy, have more kids, act all pretend-boho and just generally do nothing of note.”

The Oscars 2008

So, the Oscars took place last night. Yeah, I know, you’d never have known if I hadn’t have told you, right?! I’m sure you all know the winners (generally, No Country For Old Men), who was there (the expected, and the not-so expected…Miley Cyrus? Is she getting any Oscar anytime soon?), who had a baby bump (everyone) and, most important of all, who wore what. Generally most outfits were good if a little blah. No spectacular failures, but nothing spectacularly good either. Hmmm. Maybe the recent writers’ strike also caused a dress designers’ strike?

Here’s my favourite dress of the event – an usual mermaid-influenced number, as worn by La Vie En Rose‘s Marion Cotillard. And she also won the Best Actress award. Yay for her all round!

Marion Cotillard

And for the all-round package, I think Penelope Cruz looked stunning:

Penelope Cruz

Everyone Needs Knees!

Every so often tabloids, gossip magazines, The Economist (er, no, scratch that last one) go one about how ugly some famous woman’s knees are. They’re knees, for God’s sake! Everyone’s got bony knees! You tell me one person who’s got attractive knees, I’ll give you a pair of kneepads so you can hide your own ugly lumps.

The Daily Mail are at it today, pointing out how gruesome (i.e. not at all) Kate’s knees were on a recent night out.

Kate Moss
A rather ordinary pair of knees

They’re just knees, okay?? Calm down!

80s Style Fierceness – Eva Green on Vogue

Here’s Bond Girl Eva Green on the cover of January 2008 UK Vogue. She always has that sultry, gothic thing going on. Here, she looks fierce. She looks hot. She looks majah, as Victoria Beckham might say. But, there’s something about her hair, makeup and outfit that kind of screams “1983” to me:

Eva Green, Vogue Jan 08

And I don’t think that rather lurid shade of orange they’ve used for the titles on the cover is really helping.

The Spice Girls back where they belong!

Spice Girls concert, Vancouver

 Where’s that, you ask? Why, on stage, silly!

15,000 fans – and David Beckham – saw them perform the first concert of their comeback tour at the GM Place in Vancouver, Canada. They apparently wow-ed the crowd with 22 songs, costume changes (including outfits harking back to their 90s personas), impressive backing dancers and several solo stints. Hmm, all you need for a great concert, eh? I guess the point is that their concerts will provide great entertainment, but you may not necessarily enjoy them if you’re expecting highly technical singing and mind-blowing dancing. (And why oh why would you expect that with the Spice Girls?)

So, no doubt, their comeback tour will be a huge success. I’m not entirely sure about some of the costumes, designed by Robert Cavalli. (see above) Posh looks a bit like she’s dressed in a futuristic outfit, as imagined in a 1960s space drama. And poor Sporty! Did Roberto Cavalli refuse to design for her? She looks like she’s got her gear from New Look!

Sex and the City Film Update

Sex and the City 

Today’s Daily Mail has lots of new photos from the set of the Sex and the City film, currently being shot in New York. SPOILER! DO NOT click on the link if a) you don’t want to know a possible plotline (although rumours also suggest this is a fake storyline being “filmed” due to leaked scripts), and b) you have a phobia of truly hideous dresses. For they truly are. And I thought they were supposed to be stylish ladies.

Sex and the City – Carrie’s Interesting Plot Twist

More pictures from the set of the Sex and the City movie, due to be released in May 2008, have emerged. And the reveal something VERY interesting – a brunette Carrie! (Played, of course, by Sarah Jessica Parker.)

Carrie Bradshaw - Sex and the City

Goodness, what do you think might have happened??! Did Carrie, like, go to the local drugstore and get a bottle of really dark brown hair dye after a massive bust-up with Big? Did her hair stylist convince her it was apt to change her hair colour as often as she changes her Manolos? Maybe this will be some kind of flash-forward where Carrie will have forsaken being fashionable and stylish and instead will sit at home with her nine cats, watching Jeremy Kyle. (After a quick relocation to the UK, of course.)

Ahh, who cares? 🙂

Keira’s advice: become a stockbroker!

Keira Knightley 

Keira Knightley has slammed those seeking to be famous and given them an alternative career possibility instead: to go and work on the stock market. Err, okay. She also criticises those who concentrate too much on her looks. She says:

“Okay, I’m on the cover of a magazine but somebody else does the hair, and the make-up, and airbrushes me. It’s not me, it’s something other people have created.”

Too true! Look at some of the other examples on this blog – SJP, Christina Aguilera, Gwyneth Paltrow…sometimes these magazines turn their cover stars into someone else entirely!

Unless…is this a secret cry for help from Keira? Is there something underhand going on in the magazine industry? Perhaps all these fashion mags are undergoing some vast cloning experiment…and that’s why those on the cover always look a bit “odd”. Hmmm.

Or maybe Keira Knightley is just stunningly beautiful, and the magazines try and perfect her even more. Yeah, whatever. I like my “experiment” theory better.

Sarah Jessica Parker on ELLE UK – Your hair!

Continuing in the trend of magazines doing freaky things to our lovely celebrities is the UK edition of ELLE magazine. When photographing the cover of their latest issue, they’ve obviously played a nasty, nasty trick Sex and the City actress Sarah Jessica Parker. I can picture the scene – she’s come in, and they’re persuaded her to do some “test” shots. They insist the test shots would be better if she were wearing the dress. And perhaps some make-up. Ohanddidwetellyouthisistheactualcoverphoto:

ELLE - Sarah Jessica Parker

You can tell it by her facial expression: “Wait, guys, what?? But my hair! It’s greasy! I didn’t get a chance to wash it this morning!! Matthew was recreating his Ferris Bueller-talking-in-the-shower bit!”

Poor love. I’d be miffed, for sure. She should have read the latest edition of UK’s InStyle magazine (with another slightly “different” looking celeb – Christina Aguilera) – it has “16 super easy hair makeovers”.

Instyle Magazine - Christina Aguilera

H & M Madonna Cries Green Paint

A huge advertising hoarding promoting Madonna’s H & M line was vandalised in London yesterday. The massive advert is located near Old Street, East London, and depicts Madonna wearing some of her own designs. Vandals managed to scale the back of the hoarding, cut a whole in Madonna’s eye and then pour lurid green paint through it, so the overall effect made it look as if she was crying.

The hoarding is already being replaced. But I like it – it looks a lot more artistic than the original! And hey, anything to distract from the clothes…

 This Is London – Graffiti Vandals Make Madonna “Weep” In Poster