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It’s Monday! Video Time!

Kenny Loggins is great. He’s the singer of some of the greatest movie songs ever (Danger Zone from Top Gun; I’m Alright from Caddyshack; and Footloose from, er, Flashdance). He has a gorgeously impressive beard. And he can slam a car door at the same time as an important drum beat. (See the video.)

Typical 80s-ness here – the actual storyline is a little puzzling, but at least the song is supreme. The middle beat makes me want to body pop down and alleyway with Kevin Bacon.

The general moral of the video seems to be that bespectacled geeks can help with all your problems.


It’s Monday! Video Time!

Oh, did you read that study that came out last week? You know, the one about Music History, undertaken by Important Scientists from the Univerisity of Clever People? In which it was scientifically proven that this is the best song in the history of music ever made EVER…?

You know they’re right. You know I’m right. You know you’re right. We’re ALL right.


It’s Monday! Video Time!

I often wished I was living through the 80s right now…not that you might have guessed that or anything, I’ll bet. If I was living through the 80s right, I’d either be a pop start or direct music videos. If I was one or the other, than all my music videos would have sharp dressing; lots of split screens (like a modern day 24, don’cha think?!); freeze frames; massive gesturing; big hair; lines; and inexplicable little bits – a child drawing? A crowd running through a forest? People measuring the circumference of trees? Sure, anything goes!


It’s Monday! Video Time!

I cannot believe I have never seen this video before. It is all kinds of awesome. I’m not even going to begin to describe it, so I suggest you just shut up and watch it:


Although I would like to say that I feel that woman’s pain. I’m always being bothered by men in gold lame suits when I’m putting on my lipstick in nightclubs.

It’s Monday! Video Time!

I seem to have spent too much time in the “It’s Monday! Video Time!” segment of this show…er…blog showing normal 80s videos of people just standing there singing. So let’s go back…waaay back…to a land called “1983”. A land where people used those cool, really thin microphones. Where all drums where hexagonal. Where people had to live their lives permanently battling through the effects of smoke machines. – not to mention the awesome “stop footage and fade to white” editing. And where music videos told of a medival lady/beast/12-year-old boy love triangle. (Seriously, how young is that dude that saves her? Should I maybe call the police?)


Good song though, eh?

It’s Monday! Video Time!

I can’t believe I don’t talk more about Rod Stewart on this blog.

Oh no, wait, sorry – I can believe it. Sorry, yes, I meant I can believe. (I always get confused between can and can’t…it gets me into a whole heap of trouble.)

Nevertheless, this is a good song:


Viewer’s note: Caution is advised when viewing the above video. it is EXTREMELY high-tech. You may not be prepared for some of the futuristic special effects in it; it may well blow your mind. Beware also of Rod’s excellent collection of vests.