It’s Monday! Video Time!

I seem to have spent too much time in the “It’s Monday! Video Time!” segment of this show…er…blog showing normal 80s videos of people just standing there singing. So let’s go back…waaay back…to a land called “1983”. A land where people used those cool, really thin microphones. Where all drums where hexagonal.¬†Where people had to live their lives permanently battling through the effects of smoke machines. – not to mention the awesome “stop footage and fade to white” editing. And where music videos told of a medival lady/beast/12-year-old boy love triangle. (Seriously, how young is that dude that saves her? Should I maybe call the police?)


Good song though, eh?

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  1. Brilliant blog! However, what I think is missing is a searing editorial on the importance of Philip Schofield ca. 1987, and the influence of Going Live! on numerous British youngsters…

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