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Yes, OKAY! So, I know Duran Duran’s hit was actually called The Reflex. But it could have been called The Remix. Oooh, how about if brought out a new version for 2008 and called it The Reflex The Remix? Hey, just a thought…

ANYWAYS, Duran Duran are not the reason why I’ve brought you hear today. No. Today, I would like you to study the art of the remix. Now, I’m not talking about dance¬†DJ masters doing all sorts of wizard-like things with their computers and their decks to produce some stomping house tunes. No on that front too. I would instead like to bring to your attention a couple of DJs that go under the name The Freemasons. The produce their own dance tunes, but also remix a number of pop/R&B songs.

Yeah, so what, you think?? Well this year they’ve taken two songs that, despite being sung by “superstars”, are really very, very ordinary in their original form, and transformed them into something MUCH more funky. Take a listen:

1. Beautiful Liar – Beyonce & Shakira



2. Work (Put It In) – Kelly Rowland



Oh, and the original of Kelly Rowland song sounds like really bland R&B noise that could have been sung by ANYONE in the past ten years!

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