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Pete Doherty

Something’s not quite right here

 Pete Doherty was sent to jail today. Yes, you read that right. He was sent to jail. No, he wasn’t once again let off by a judge as long as he absolutely promises, crosses his heart and hopes to die that he’ll never touch drugs again. He was actually sentenced to time in the slammer – 14 weeks in fact – for breaking his probation order. It means he’ll have to cancel a number of his gigs, including a performance at Glastonbury in June…ha!

A concert at the Royal Albert Hall, West London, on 26th April was also cancelled, causing his record company to state:

“Peter was very much looking forward to the show and would like to offer his sincerest apologies to all his fans and to all those concerned.”

Really?? He’s offering his sincerest apologies? If he’s actually sorry for messing up for the 79th time and failing those who actually support him and buy his albums and crap…well then, I think it’s okay. Perhaps he should be let off.

Daily Mail: Pete Doherty FINALLY sent to jail after breaching his probation order

Shambolic Gig

Every so often a news headline comes along that shocks you to your very core. It puzzles you. It unnerves you. It gives you the goddamn heebie-jeebies:

BBC News Babyshambles

Babyshambles have fans?? How? Why? In what way did they come to exist?

WAIT A MINUTE…! Babyshambles actually perform music? I always thought it was just Pete Doherty ambling about, taking lots of drugs and either not turning up to, or going to court appearances where he always manages to escape any kind of sentence. Oh, and selling his story about how much he loves Kate Moss.

But they’re an actual band? Wonders never cease.

Ha, but if you read the article, it transpires that the fan got to sing on stage because Pete didn’t turn up. Figures.