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Bad Behaviour

Get Yourself Out Of This One, Jack Bauer

Hero of 24, Kiefer Sutherland, faces some time in the slammer after being arrested this week for drink-driving. This is his second arrest for this offence in the past few years, and is still under probation from his previous arrest in 2004. He could spend somewhere between a minimum of four days and and a maximum of six months in jail.

Hmmm, really not big or clever. But why oh why oh why do these stars insist on driving themselves round after a night out? Can’t they afford to get a taxi?! Better still, they could just hire a all-year round driver to haul their asses all over Hollywood!

Professional athletes do it too

There’s a tonne of stories circulating about how employers check up on their workers by looking up their MySpace or Facebook pages to see all sorts of incriminating photos and written profiles…and then sacking the people with very dubious photos or who boast about their rather dodgy nightime interests. But generally they’re 20-something office workers…not teenage tennis players!

Naomi Broady and David Rice, promising British junior players, have both had their funding withdrawn by the Lawn Tennis Association for, essentially, breaching their contracts by behaving unprofessionally. They had posted up pictures and written about partying and drinking on their pages on the social networking site Bebo.

On Broady’s Bebo page, she wrote that she hated:

“hangovers after a good nite owt”

whilst Rice wrote that:

“you can’t beat Watford 4 a nyt out”

Shocking. Truly shocking. I mean, Watford? REALLY?!? Furthermore, I think they should be fined extra for this awful text speak, hahahaha LOL!!!11!

Best quote of all comes from Andy Murray, Britain’s number one tennis player, on the situation:

“I made some mistakes when I was 16 or 17 in Barcelona but now I don’t go out, I don’t drink, I don’t smoke and none of the top players do.”

Blimey Andy, what happened in Barcelona?? Inquiring minds want to know!

UPDATE: The Sun has a little more, including one of the “offending” pics – Naomi Broadby posing with a condom machine…classy. It also says that her Bebo page stated she had “broken the law”. Wow! What could that be? Not paying the congestion charge? Ducking through customs after a shopping mini-break? Admitting to actually liking Pete Doherty? Oh wait, that last one’s not illegal…yet…