Spice Girls Tickets Still Available

Spice Girls 

Are you cursing yourself for not getting tickets to one of the the Spice Girls’ London shows at the O2? Well, you shouldn’t. Because there’s still plenty of seats available! Despite a sell-out show on their opening night in London on Saturday, the Girls seem to have slightly overestimated demand. There were visibly empty areas of the arena for the Sunday’s show, and upcoming gigs aren’t sell-outs. (Well, I ask you, seventeen shows in London in total? Slight overkill!)

I’ve just done a check for seats on Ticketmaster…and I can buy tickets for tomorrow’s show (yes, TOMORROW) for what looks to be a variety of absolutely prime positions! (Floor seating, right in front of the “catwalk” bit of the stage; lower tier seating to the left of the stage…the list goes on.)

One thing I was surprised to learn, however, was that tickets are on sale for a rather astounding £75 each!

THEREFORE! Don’t waste your money! Get on to Ebay and nab a pair there, as tickets for some January gigs are going for well under face value. I’ve just seen a pair of lower tier tickets go for £102 – that’s nearly £70 under face value!

And that’s my top money-saving tip for today. Do tune in for more tomorrow.

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