Wrong X Factor winner?

Rhydian Roberts 

And ahem, no, I’m not referring to my previous post. I still stand by the fact that the British public have won now that the show is over!

But here’s the actual story. Some Rhydian Roberts fans have complained, saying that they were unable to phone in and vote during Saturday night’s final. Welsh singer Rhydian was the favourite to win the show, but in a suprise result, he lost out to 18-year-old Leon Jackson from Scotland. Rhydian fans said that they tried up to vote up to 10 times in some cases, but that phone lines were constantly busy. Some Welsh radio stations have now said that they will boycott Leon’s Christmas single, and are demanding a recount of the voting in the final. (Although how would a recount work? If fans’s votes didn’t register in the first place, a recount isn’t going to change anything!)

I too will boycott Leon Jackson’s Christmas single.

But I don’t want a recount. I’m okay without one, thanks.

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