Okay, who over-ordered on the Estelle CDs?!

Estelle – she of American Boy fame with Le Kanye – has had her album taken off U.S. iTunes, thereby causing it and the hit single to plummet down the American charts. American Boy was at number 11 on the Billboard chart, but has now fallen to number 37. Her album has base-jumped down to number 159. (Although its high was only a “distinctly average” – as Simon Cowell would say – 38.)

It’s all down to her album company, Warner. They want people to buy the whole album, rather than individual songs. iTunes is pretty nifty in the way that you can buy individual songs – even individual album tracks – without having to fork out for the whole thing. Except it doesn’t quite work as well if no one buys the album anymore.

My theory is that someone accidentally got too many Estelle CDs producing by typing in a couple more zeros than necessary on the order. Oops. Now they’re desperately trying to shift them. Expect Ebay to be flooded with them soon.

If you’re in America and can no longer buy the song in iTunes: why not just sit in front of your computer all day and watch it on YouTube? It’s free! Fantastic! Screw you, Warner!


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